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Tuition Information

We accept tuition for dance lessons as an annual fee, which is divided up into monthly installments. This fee is determined by the number of hours a student takes per week. Tuition is figured for lessons for the months of August through May. Most months get four lessons, but some months they receive three and other months five. The cost of tuition always remains the same for each month. If a student misses the class they are registered for, the tuition rate remains the same.

If you decide to pay for the entire year in one payment, we will give you a gift certificate to our Statesville Dance Store to say thanks! It will equal one month of your tuition value and can be used towards dance attire or merchandise.

Cost of Classes in Hours Per Week

30 Mins $50
45 Mins $60
1 Hour $63
1.5 Hours $85
2 Hours $100
2.5 Hours $115
3 Hours $130
3.5 Hours $145
4 Hours $160
4.5 Hours $175
5 Hours $190
5.5 Hours $205
6 Hours $220
6.5 Hours $235
7 Hours $255 MAX

Monthly Tuition Fee is Listed Below:

30 Minutes

45 Minutes
1 Hour

1.5 Hours

2 Hours
2.5 Hours
3 Hours
3.5 Hours
4 Hours
4.5 Hours
5 Hours
5.5 Hours
6 Hours
6.5 Hours
7 Hours
$257 MAX

Studio Policies

Here at Statesville Dance and Performing Arts, we are committed to creating a safe and positive enviroment for learning. Our handbook below has information regarding classes, tuition, dress codes, and more. Before registering for dance classes, we ask every parent/guardian to read the handbook for the easiest transition into our studio. If you have more questions about our policies or student dress codes, please call us!

Statesville Dance handbook

Additional Costs

Cost of Classes in Hours Per Week

45 Minutes
One Hour
1.5 Hours
2 Hours
2.5 Hours
3 Hours
3.5 Hours
4 Hours
4.5 Hours
5 Hours
5.5 Hours
6 Hours

Recital Fees

On March 15th your annual recital fee will be drafted from your account. This covers the auditorium rental, trophy, and a recital t-shirt. $45 per student.

Costume Fees

All students participating in the end of year recital will need to purchase a costume for each class they participate. Costume fees are due no later than October 1st. All costume fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Costumes will not be ordered without payment. All costumes- $85 per class. Hip Hop dancers will be required to purchase sneakers at the cost of $35. All other classes are required to purchase the correct dance shoes through the Statesville Dance Store.

Private Lessons

We offer private dance lessons. Scheduling will vary from instructor to instructor.
Private lesson fees are as follows:

30 min/$30

60 min/$60

Please contact us to schedule your private lessons!

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